the new Jordan Peele is shaping up to be a horror UFO

The new Nope trailer cultivates mystery around the plot of Jordan Peele’s new horror film.

Zombies, climatic catastrophe and horror, this is obviously the recipe for Jordan’s very mysterious next film Peele. The filmmaker who has forged a solid reputation in genre cinema returns to our screens, with a feature film that is enigmatic to say the least. A horrific UFO (same si on can no longer use this name according to NASA) which promises to draw crowds to theaters this summer.

To properly promote this upcoming release, Universal just shared a final trailer. Since the start of the promotional campaign, the firm has been withholding information, these new images do not tell us much about the plot that will unfold.

The synopsis also cultivates this latent mystery. Residents of a remote valley deep in California witness a terrifying supernatural discovery. It will be a question of exploring in particular the destiny of a family, trainers of hair for Hollywood who attend impotent the arrival of this climatic phenomenon which seems to agitate the animals and to influence electricity. This fable of horror could well take on an ecological character.

A meeting at the cinema

Jordan Peele has its favorite actors, and some will make an appearance in Nope. Thus, we will find Daniel Kaluuya (Get out) in the skin of a man who whispers in the ears of horses. He will reply to Keke Palmer (Foodtastic) et Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead). By the way, Michael Wincott (Westworld)Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria) and terry Notary (Lcall of the forest) were also announced.

Behind the scenes, Jordan Peele will be both directing and writing the screenplay. The music will be composed by Michael Abels. This is not the first time that he has collaborated with the director. He had notably worked on the music of Usthe filmmaker’s previous film. We can therefore once again hope for a creaky score, to underline this story which promises to be quite frightening.

Nope must go out next august 3 At the movie theater. It’s not the only project in Jordan’s suitcases Peele for this year 2022, since it will also make an appearance on Netflix. He will be showing at Wendell and WildHenry’s new film Selick. Ce animated footageby the director of The strange Christmas of Mr. Jackwill follow two demon brothers escaped from hell. He will find his lifelong partner in the voice cast: Keegan-Michael Key. The release date has not been specified by the platform, we should nevertheless discover it this year on our screens.

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