The new Nissan JUKE Hybrid arrives in Italy: prices and technology

Nissan is ready to bring the new JUKE Hybrid 2022which in the price list will see 5 new electrified models in the course of 2022. The compact of the Japanese house is electrified for the first time in its history and with a very interesting hybrid technology: let’s find out the details.

The new JUKE Hybrid offers a new generation internal combustion engine from Nissan 69 kW / 94 hp and 148 Nm of torquewhile the electric powertrain – also Nissan-branded – delivers 36 kW / 49 hp with 205 Nm of torque. We then have a 15 kW high voltage starter / generator, an inverter, a 1.2 kWh liquid-cooled battery and a multi-mode gearbox.

We can therefore choose five driving modes: 100% EV using only the electric motor, 100% ICE letting only the thermal one operate, Parallel Hybridwith the wheels moved at the same time by both motors, Hybrid Series with the wheels moved by the main engine (while the heat engine moves the secondary electric motor to regenerate the battery), Hybrid Series / Parallelwith both motors running but with the thermal engine that moves the secondary electric motor to recharge the battery.

Although not Plug-in, the new JUKE Hybrid (which is in fact a very good Full Hybrid, to find out more: the four hybrid technologies available on the market) can travel by electric up to 55 km / h, therefore, 80% of the journeys in the city are zero-emission. Fuel consumption is reduced by 40% in the urban cycle and by 20% in the combined cycle despite the increased power, with 143 HP for the Hybrid compared to 114 HP for the JUKE petrol. Consumption thus stands at around 5.2 liters / 100 km on the combined cycleHowever, now is the time to talk about prices.

JUKE Hybrid N-Connecta for 30,300 euros, N-Design instead can be had starting from 31,500 euros. Finally, Tekna starts at € 32,860. All versions arrive on the market with an important technological equipment, including the system Nissan e-Pedal Step to accelerate and brake with a single pedal.

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