The new wireless audio experiences that will arrive under Bluetooth Auracast

The Bluetooth Special Interest Groupprivate organization responsible for the development, implementation and marketing of bluetooth technology in electronic devices, has presented this week the new brand that will offer new wireless audio transmission experiences based on bluetooth technology.

The new brand is Auracast and under it stands out the new audio transmission experience by which a transmitter will be able to Share audio wirelessly to an unlimited number of electronic devices.

They describe it as follows:

Auracast audio streaming is a new Bluetooth capability that allows an audio transmitter, such as a smartphone, laptop, or TV, to stream audio to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio receivers, including speakers, headphones, or streaming devices. auditory.

In this way, for example, when a person is listening to a musical theme on their wireless headphones from their mobile phones, if they want to share it, they will no longer have to physically lend one of the headphones to the other person, but simply invite that person or several to join the listening session so that they can listen to the same musical theme from their respective devices.

Para Zeng Xuezhong, de Xiaomi:

The introduction of Auracast audio streaming will enable us to move from personal wireless listening experiences to shared wireless listening experiences, unlocking the full potential of wireless audio and bringing even more value and enjoyment to our customers.

Another of Auracast’s experiences is the possibility of hearing what a silent television or monitor available in a public space is offeringwhether in an airport, in a gym, restaurant, among other places:

With Auracast streaming audio, you can fully enjoy TVs in public spaces, reactivating what was previously silent and creating a more complete viewing experience. Quiet TVs in public places like waiting rooms, gyms, and restaurants will be able to stream audio that any visitor with Auracast-enabled headphones or Bluetooth headsets will be able to hear.

Plus, Auracast will also enable the transmission of the public address audio, depending on the site visited, be it an assembly hall, an airport, movie theaters, etc., directly into Auracast-enabled Bluetooth headphones or hearing devices:

Travelers at an airport, for example, will be able to receive essential flight announcements such as gate changes, boarding times and other travel information directly on their personal audio device.

Product and solution developers who want to implement Auracast have a micro website where they will have all the information they need to know.

More information: Bluetooth SIG

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