Twitter now applies its new inappropriate content reporting mechanism globally

Since the end of last year, Twitter has been working on the deployment of a new mechanism to report policy violations on its platform. Now, the company announced, this option is widely available, in “most countries.”

This system seeks to deal more efficiently with problematic situations that may occur on the social network, from reports of misinformation and spam, to harassment and hate speech.

Twitter’s new strategy for managing reports of tweets

The redesign of this dynamic has been in testing since december last year, initially deployed only in the United States, Australia and South Korea. Later, during January, extended these tests to Spain, Brazil and the Philippines. The new reporting mechanism is now available in “most countries,” the company confirmed, across the web, iOS and Android.

This new reporting system uses a so-called “symptom-first reporting flow”, which is designed to make reporting misbehavior easier. The new flow asks for details about what happened, before going into more detail about what rules may have been broken. In describing how it works, Twitter compared the new process with a doctor asking “Where does it hurt?” instead of immediately jumping into the details.

“Obviously we want to have rules that help keep everyone safe while balancing free speech and promoting public conversation. We also want to make sure that if new problems arise, for which we may not yet have rules, there is a method to learn about them.”said Fay Johnson, Director of Product Management in Twitter’s Health team. “The intent of these reporting streams is to empower the customer, provide actionable insights from Twitter that we can use to improve the product and our experiences, and also improve our overall trust and safety process.”said the executive in December, when launching this dynamic.

After several months of testing in six key markets for its business, Twitter celebrated that the first results of this deployment phase have been positive. The company highlights that the number of “actionable reports” generated from the reporting system increased by 50%, as a result of the implementation of this dynamic.

In the midst of times in which misinformation and violence always seek to take their space on the network, initiatives like this one aim to limit these possibilities.

Given this, a separate issue is the influence of the figure of Elon Musk in these discussions, who usually advocates freedom of expression with the least amount of regulations possible. However, between comings and goings, your total purchase of the company It is a subject still in suspense, without defining.

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