Windows 11 is testing a new dynamic in the file explorer

The Microsoft team released a new update for users who are part of the Insiders program, which already reveals some of the new features that we will find in future Windows 11 updates.

And one of the novelties has to do with one of the dynamics that was tested in Windows 10, but it was only tested. Now it is resumed in Windows 11, and this time it may reach all users.

New dynamics and design for Windows 11 File Explorer

We’ve known for months Microsoft is working on the famous File Explorer tabs. A dynamic that will make it easier for us to move through the different sections and files without having to depend on the same window. Yes, a dynamic similar to that found in any web browser.

Now the Microsoft team that is testing this new tabbed file explorer in the new Windows 11 update for Dev Channel:

To help you work in multiple locations at the same time, the File Explorer title bar now has tabs

But it is not the only novelty that we will find in the File Explorer. If you look closely at the image above, you will see that the left navigation panel has a new design. Not only will it make it easy to always have your default folders at hand, but also pinned folders, folders added to shortcuts, and folders synced with OneDrive.

Windows Known Folders that are available by default in the navigation pane are no longer displayed under “This PC” to keep that focused view for the drives on your PC

And of course, it will always be clearly visible which are the local folders and which are in the cloud. At the moment, all these functions are in their testing phase, so we will have to wait to see when they will arrive in the stable version of Windows 11.

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