an accident leaves three cars in the gravel in just half a minute

The 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022 is already underway. The race of the races has started with drama at the start, since we have had an accident in the first meters. Three cars have crashed in the middle of the finish line, ending up in the gravel and with the risk of abandonment as soon as the test began.

The accident was in the LMP2 category. The WRT #41, the United Autosport #22 and the Algarve Pro Racing #47 They crashed at the start of the race, finishing all the cars in the gravel, having to go through the pits and losing a lot of time. In fact, there is still a risk of abandonment for some.

Three LMP2, from WRT, United Autosport and Algarve Pro Racing, affected

Algarve 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022

There were no surprises among the favorites for victory, although there was a certain moment of tension. The two Toyotas have maintained the top positions, with the #8 car driven by Sébastien Buemi leading the race. It is followed by the Toyota #7, the one piloted by the British Mike Conway. They are the big favourites.

But the Glickenhaus position themselves as their great enemies. Already in the first few meters they managed to overtake a #36 Alpine that is quite covered for this race, and that has even lost position with an LMP2, although it has already regained it. Glickenhaus struck him down by sheer power down the straight.

Wrt 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022

The scare was in the first braking, where Oliver Pla’s Glickenhaus #708 entered sneaky and had to avoid the Toyotas by skipping the first corner and then reclaiming position. Let’s not forget that last season we already had an accident in the first corner, affecting a Toyota and a Glickenhaus. It almost repeats itself.

Where there was tension was in the part of the LMP2. The accident affected Ferdinand Habsburg with the #41 WRT, Will Owen with the #22 United Autosport and a Sophia Floersch con el Algarve Pro Racing #47. The three were left off the track, had to stop and have made a pit stop to fix the problems.

Floersch 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022

The most affected is the Algarve team, which has had to make extensive repairs and has lost up to six laps compared to the head of the race. But they have been able to resume the march. United Autosport was aided by a tow truck, but is also still in the race three laps down on Toyota.

The WRT has also lost almost three laps to Toyotabut still running. The accident occurred at high speed in the middle of the straight, and a priori it seems that it was a sandwich for Owen, who had nowhere to go and ended up stuck in the gravel, causing the first slow zone of the race.

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