business leaders also use weak passwords

Business leaders are users of computing devices and online services like everyone else. A study shows that they are no more careful than ordinary people in choosing their passwords.

We can be business leaders or executives, and have an account hacked because we used a password that was too weak. NordPass conducted a study of nearly 300 million stolen passwords. The publisher of NordSecurity, a password manager, and NordVPN, targeted its research on leaders (CEO, technical director, marketing director).

Like everyone

Unsurprisingly, the latter are just as reckless as any other human. In the ranking of the most used passwords by these leaders, we find in first place the great classic “123456”, followed by the no less known “qwerty”, “password” and “111”. They are also fond of passwords related to animals, mythological (“dragon”) or not (“monkey”).

The study also shows that common names are popular choices among this category of users: there are thus many occurrences of “Tiffany”, “Charlie” or even “Michael”. The general trend is simple and just as frightening as it is for the general public: CEOs are using the same too-crackable passwords as the rest of the world.

Companies affected by this problem are of all kinds: entertainment, autonomy, real estate, health, media and marketing, finance, and even more surprisingly, the technology sector! One would have thought that business leaders in this field were more sensitive to security issues.

According to another study, this time by IBM, in 2021 the average cost of a data breach reached $4.24 million, an amount up 10% from 2020. According to the Verizon Data Breach Report , 80% of these breaches are the result of weak or reused passwords.

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