Google Tasks adds a new function to track pending tasks

Google Tasks is adding a new option that will make it easier to manage our pending tasks.

Although it already has some basic options to create tasks and customize the dynamics of the app, a function has been added that will make it easier to always have those that are most important at hand.

How to manage pending tasks with Google Tasks

If you are looking for a simple and practical app to manage your tasks, surely you will have come across the recommendation to use Google Tasks. This Google app stands out from the rest of the proposals by keeping the dynamics simple, with a system similar to Microsoft’s ToDo.

However, it is still missing some basic features that are almost essential in any to-do app. For example, the function that allows you to highlight a task, either to give it priority or to always have it visible so that it is not overlooked.

An option that until now was not present in Tasks, but that was fixed with the latest update. As mentioned by the google teamusers will now be able to mark or star important tasks with a star icon.

A dynamic that will be available both in the desktop version of Google Tasks and in the mobile app. If you still don’t see this change in your Tasks account, don’t worry, it may take a few days for the update to roll out to all users.

So reviewing all the options that we find in Tasks, we have the possibility to add different types of tasks, and leave them on the main page or create lists as categories. We can also add a brief description about the task, add date and time, and even create subtasks. And now the option is added to highlight those that are important so as not to lose sight of them.

So you have a set of functions that will allow you to manage your tasks without problems, and without having to complicate yourself with too many options.

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