No need for charging stations for this amazing electric motorcycle

We have rarely seen such a motorcycle on the roads. The 2×2 Ultra Bike is an electric motorcycle that hides its game well, as well as the gasoline that is used to power the integrated generator!

This is one of the main obstacles to the massive development of electric vehicles: charging stations. Networks of stations are growing at high speed, and one day they will be as numerous (and perhaps even more) than traditional service stations. Despite everything, there will always be places where charging stations are non-existent.

A dirt bike with big wheels

The 2×2 Ultra Bike electric motorcycle has however been designed to ride in the most difficult to access places, in the mountains, in the snow… And it is not afraid of the absence of charging stations. His secret? A generator that powers the battery. A generator that must itself be powered by gasoline.

The designers of the motorcycle had the clever idea of ​​storing the fuel not in jerrycans on the sides of the vehicle, but… in the wheels. Each of them can hold about 20 liters of gasoline. Therefore, even in the middle of nowhere it is still possible to fill the generator to produce electricity.

It’s a strange hybrid machine, but lovers of wild landscapes far from everything will no doubt be very interested in this vehicle which looks like nothing known. The battery offers a range of 60 kilometers, while each wheel incorporates a 2 kW motor.

In terms of raw power, it remains quite modest, the bike will not exceed 50 km / h. But the 2×2 Ultra Bike is not really cut out for well-paved roads. As a bonus, she will even be able to float and navigate the water with the help of side cushions. Pricing for the vehicle starts at $1,790 on Indiegogowith deliveries scheduled for the month of October.

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