Spending your cryptos in a department store in France is (almost) possible

In France, merchants are gradually beginning to accept payment in bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Beaugrenelle shopping center in Paris is trying a publicity stunt by announcing the possibility of paying in cryptos in all its shops… Even if it’s a way of embellishing reality.

In fact, it is not possible to go to a store in the mall and use your virtual bitcoin wallet to shop. You must first go through an intermediary, in this case a gift card that can be used in the Beaugrenelle shops.

A payment with cryptos… via the purchase of a gift card

It is this card that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies, using the Lyzi application. The announcement by the management of Beaugrenelle is not misleading, technically it is indeed possible to buy in the stores of the center with cryptos, but the operation amounts to converting virtual currencies into euros beforehand.

In the press release, the center explains that it will offer its clients “ to use their cryptocurrency to pay for their gift card, which can be used in all shops and restaurants in the Magnetic and Panoramic buildings on rue Linois in the capital’s 15th arrondissement ».

Despite everything, it is a way like any other to democratize cryptocurrencies among the general public. Until July 8, employees will be deployed throughout the shopping center to present this novelty and above all, train customers in this new way of paying.

The fact remains that they will still have to go through the virtual wallet and the manipulations necessary to have some cryptos in their pocket! And the crash that virtual currencies are currently undergoing could scare some of them. Despite everything, this middle way is to be watched, it could indeed be deployed more widely in other shopping centers.

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