The ZipForce ONE Electric Bike Conversion Kit has more than one trick up its sleeve

Everyone wants an electric bike, but unfortunately budgets are not infinitely expandable and acquiring such a vehicle is very expensive, despite the various and varied aids. Electrification kits may be a more affordable solution.

You have to have the means to buy an electric bike… or be smart. There are a large number of conversion kits on the market to transform a simple bike into a gleaming electric mount. Here is another, relatively accessible and which allows to obtain good performance on the roads, it is the ZipForce ONE.

A facility accessible to all

Coming from Sweden, this kit costs the fraction of a normal electric bike: €649, roughly four times cheaper. The great advantage of the ZipForce ONE, in addition to this price, is that it is easy to install on a bicycle: it is enough to place it over the wheel at the front, an operation which only takes about fifteen minutes according to ZipForce. Importantly, this kit is installable by anyone, including users who have limited DIY knowledge.

The kit includes a 250 W motor which allows the bike to spin at a maximum of 25 km/h, the current limit in France and elsewhere in Europe. The battery has a capacity of 313 Wh, which will allow the equipped bike to travel between 30 and 50 kilometers. It all depends on what is asked of it, given its size and weight (2.7 kg), you should not demand the impossible.

The battery is fully recharged in 4 hours. In addition, and as is customary for all electric bicycles, a smartphone companion application has been developed in order to know the battery level and other information at any time. Finally, the ZipForce ONE was built with a maximum of recyclable materials (90% of the kit).

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