These three VPNs compete in ingenuity to give you the best deal

In addition to making you anonymous on the net, a VPN provides great peace of mind. Equip yourself now with these XXL offers.

Since the Internet has entered our lives, it has brought about many upheavals. But if many changes have been positive, we must not forget that this presents risks (online espionage, theft of personal information, etc.). To deal with these threats, the most effective option at present is to install a VPN on your devices.

This application protects your data by hiding your online activities and your IP address. As a bonus, a VPN gives you access to great benefits by bypassing site blocks. To browse freely on the net in 2022, it is therefore necessary to equip yourself with a good VPN. The three suppliers selected here are among the best and they now offer great discounts.

It’s CyberGhost that opens the ball, with an offer displayed at only €1.94 instead of €11.99 per month.

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CyberGhost VPN: high quality, low price

One of the best providers in the field of cybersecurity is CyberGhost. This VPN designed for beginners and more expert profiles give you access to flawless security. To protect you, CyberGhost creates a secure VPN tunnel between your device and the Internet network so that no one can access your browsing information.

Next to that, CyberGhost camouflages your IP address to protect your identity and location. You will be able to surf on public Wi-Fi networks without the slightest stress because no one will be able to identify you.

This provider has other advantages: it gives you access to more than 8,000 servers in 91 different countries. By clicking on one of them, you will be able to change your virtual location. This will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, and unblock web content from around the world.

CyberGhost also has excellent connection speeds and an application with multiple compatibilities. You can enjoy this VPN on your PC, but also tablet, smartphone, game console, or connected TV.

And currently, all of this is available at an unbeatable price. CyberGhost actually displays 84% discount as well as 4 months free on its 3-year subscription. You will therefore have 40 months of protection instead of 36, for €77.61 instead of almost €480. At the monthly level, this amounts to only €1.94.

This is all the more exceptional as you will have 7 simultaneous connections and 45 days to test the VPN. If you change your mind, you can be fully refunded. All you have to do is ask customer support, which is available 24/7.

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NordVPN: the excellence of VPNs at -60%

For your security on the Internet, you can also consider NordVPN. If you don’t know yet why use this VPN, the answer is simple. This provider has indeed developed a complete application at the cutting edge of technology, which is able to protect you in all circumstances. But if we tell you about it here, it’s also because NordVPN is offering an immediate 60% discount on its 2-year plan, for a limited time.

The price of your 24-month subscription thus goes from more than €170 to just €69.36. Monthly, this offer lowers the price of NordVPN from €7.29 to €2.89which is really much more advantageous.

And even at a price like this, NordVPN gives you access to all of its features. As soon as the VPN is activated, you will therefore benefit from the advanced encryption of your browsing data and the complete camouflage of your IP address. This will allow you to browse anonymously and securely. Going a step further, NordVPN even offers its Anti-Threats device which fights malware, trackers, and ads.

Beyond that, NordVPN is also very good at circumventing geo-restrictions thanks to its vast network of over 5,400 servers in 60 countries around the world. It is one of the few to offer specific servers that adapt to all your activities (P2P, Tor, etc.).

To take full advantage of all these advantages, NordVPN gives you access to an application compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux) as well as 6 simultaneous connections for a single account. A word of advice, take advantage of this NordVPN discount quickly before it ends:

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ExpressVPN: the market leader offers 3 months free

If CyberGhost and NordVPN haven’t convinced you, then check out ExpressVPN. This software is the best available in the world of VPNs today. As such, ExpressVPN protects you by encrypting your browsing data with the strongest AES-256 algorithm available. At the same time, it camouflages your real IP address at all times.

But if ExpressVPN is so popular, it’s also because it is one of the fastest VPNs. With its unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connection, browsing is particularly pleasant. It also has over 3,000 servers in 94 different territories. Thus, ExpressVPN will allow you to stream, download and even play online seamlessly and without being subject to geographical restrictions or censorship.

The ExpressVPN app is also very easy to pick up, even if you’re new to VPNs. The provider offers an app on Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Fire TV media. Special mention for his application VPN pour Mac very intuitive.

And currently, you can enjoy it for a small fee. Indeed, ExpressVPN offers all its new customers an immediate 49% discount as well as 3 months free on its annual plan. For information, this translates to a drop in price from €12.44 / month to only €6.41 / month.

This offer comes with 5 simultaneous connections to use the VPN on multiple devices at the same time and a 30-day warranty. The refund is full and is made within a few working days.

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