This French software triples the speed of your Mac by cleaning it from A to Z

Has your Mac lost speed? Give it a second life thanks to the cleaning software from the French software publisher Intego. His Washing Machine is actually on sale this weekend. We strongly recommend it!

If your Mac begins to tire, then a major cleaning of the latter is necessary in order to give it a second wind. So you can use it for many more years. Rather than investing in a new machine, which can be very expensive, it is better to optimize the one you already have. The most effective solution on the market is offered by Intego, a French publisher specializing in optimization and cybersecurity programs for Mac.

Its cleaning software specially designed for Apple computers called Washing Machine will restore your Mac to its first day speed. How ? Simply by cleaning up. Usually it costs 49.99 euros to acquire it. Exceptionally, this weekend, the washing Machine from Intego is only 19.99 euros. Note that this is a lifetime license and not a subscription.

Discover the Washing Machine

Once in your possession, the software is completely yours. Which means you can use it indefinitely. This is quite significant, especially when you know that the majority of other publishers offer subscriptions for this type of software, which in the end can become quite expensive. With the Intego Washing Machine, you only pay once and you have all the advantages offered by the Intego Washing Machine for life!

Intego Washing Machine: The Best Software to Speed ​​Up Your Mac

Intego’s Washing Machine is therefore the best solution on the market to speed up your Mac. In a few steps, the latter can boost performance up to 3x. in other words, for the modest sum of 20 euros, you have everything to gain. Once installed, the software reviews all the files on your Apple computer’s hard drive.

Then it lists all those that are unnecessary and obsolete and can be removed without negatively affecting the operation of your Mac. The Washing Machine then leaves you free to delete them or keep them. In this way, you are the sole decision maker and have full control over what can or cannot be deleted.

As you will have understood, the main purpose of the Washing Machine is to free up disk space in order to speed up the system. Because it is the saturation of the hard disk which, in the majority of cases, is the main cause of the slowdown of your computer. It doesn’t matter whether it runs on Mac or Windows. For the most effective results, Intego also recommends running the Washing Machine once or twice a quarter.

To go even further and have the best security software for Mac, you can opt for the all-in-one solution called Mac Premium X9. Let us remember before presenting it to you that Purpose has forged its reputation thanks to its antivirus pour Mac – recognized worldwide and used by more than 30 million users in the mode.

The latter is also part of this Bundle which includes all the manufacturer’s software. This is the most powerful pack on the market that we can highly recommend. Indeed, in addition to the Washing Machine, the latter allows you to take advantage of the antivirus, a program for automatic backups in the cloud and a parental control tool.

By taking it today, you have everything to gain since e the Mac Premium Bundle X9 at the price of 29.99 euros per year (instead of 84.99 euros currently). For this contained price, you benefit from the best optimization and security software for your Mac. It is undeniably the best choice you can make. To familiarize yourself with its software, and at the same time convince you of its effectiveness, Intego lets you test it for free for 30 days.

Finally, if you choose a formula that includes a subscription, be aware that they are all non-binding. Which means you’re free to cancel whenever you want, at no additional cost.

To find out more, it’s here:

Discover the Intego bundle

Discover the Washing Machine

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