YouTube Music has a new section for your “forgotten favorites”

YouTube Music wants to remind you of those songs or albums that had you on loop all day with a new section.

A carousel that will remind you of your favorite music from the past and that you may have forgotten. We tell you what it is.

YouTube Music adds a new option for you to remember your favorite songs

In addition to the multiple playlists that we find in YouTube Music, we also have some features dedicated to discovering new music. And we cannot forget the section that allows us to search for songs by moods, moments and genres.

And on the other hand, YouTube Music usually adds special sections based on the user’s playback history. For example, one of the latest creations of the app brings a new carousel called ā€œForgotten favoritesā€, as mentioned in AP.

A section that brings back those songs or albums that you liked in the past, but have been forgotten with new releases. Yes, a section dedicated to your forgotten favorites.

Apparently those old songs that you still have saved in your playlists or albums saved in your library will not be included in this section. Only songs that were part of your history, but that today do not have a place among the music you listen to, will be taken into account.

And no, you will not have to take any action to create this section, since it is one of the many automatic creations of the app. This new feature does not seem to be available to all users yet, so it may be a new test or the update will be rolled out gradually to all users.

Of course, it will also depend on the playback history of each user. If you’re new to YouTube Music, the app won’t be able to create a section of your past favorites because it won’t have that information.

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