10 curiosities and tricks of Apple Music that you probably did not know

Apple Music is one of the best streaming music services, sharing a flat only with platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and a few more.

And like any platform that is hosted on the internet, Apple Music has many curiosities that in fact they are not so popular or that not everyone knowsso that is why today we will be commenting on the 10 most interesting ones.

Look at the following songs that are in the queue

Many times it happens that if you are listening to an album or a large playlist, you don’t know what it will sound like once the theme that you tune in at that moment ends.

For this, Apple Music has a function so you can see the next song in queue, and you will only have to click on the playback menu symbol in the lower right corner. There you will see all the songs that are in the queue and you can also click on random to give your playlist an unexpected touch.

Change the equalization profile

If you are one of the people who likes to modify the default equalizer settings, luckily this is something that you can do from an iPhone mobile without much problem. You just have to go to the app Settingscroll down until you find the tab Songthen enter equalizer y finally choose the profile that you like the most.

Use the iCloud Library feature

In case you didn’t know about this possibility, Apple Music allows you to store literally your entire music library in iCloud, thus leaving you to access it from another iPhone, iPad, or Mac with just your Apple ID. To get it, open the app Setting on your iPhone, go to Song and then activate the function sync library.

Uses the function of Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio

In case you want to tune in to music using Dolby Atmos sound technology, you should keep in mind that you will need some AirPods or Beats with Apple H1 or W1 chipsNot to mention, you’d need some wired headphones if you wanted to enjoy Lossless Audio technology in Apple Music.

Now as for what you must do to enable these functions is to enter the app again. Settinggo to the tab Songmodify the settings Dolby Atmos and/or finally enter the box audio qualityas from there you can activate the lever of Lossless Audio.

Listen to music without having to be connected to the internet

Too many people are unaware that on Apple Music (just like on other streaming music platforms) you can download your music libraryin order to be able to reproduce it without any problem in situations where there is no internet connection.

For this you only have to search for a song or album that you like, click on the three points that are shown to the right side of the name of the song, click on add to librarythen go there and long press on the song in questionthen click on Descargar.

Find music on the top charts

You may be using Apple Music just to play the songs you’ve known for a long time, and nothing more than that. If this is your case, you should know that you’re missing out on a huge amount of musicregardless of the type of music you listen to.

To change this, you can go to the famous lists like Daily Top 100, Top Playlist, City Charts I specialized lists by genres to find what you like the most.

Use Siri to help you

In case you didn’t know, you can tell Siri to help you perform different actions like turn the volume down or up, change songs, play a song by a specific artist, etc. just say out loud Hey Siri, turn up the volume o, Hey Siri, play the latest Coldplay songfor instance.

Get cheaper Apple Music subscriptions

For 9.99 euros you can get an individual Apple Music subscription, although there are a few options that may be better for you, financially speaking. Depending on your situation, you can purchase the Student subscription for 4.99, the Family Plan for 14.99 or 4.99. It is also possible to get the Voice rate, which works only through Siri.

You can use an Apple Music song as an alarm clock

In case the default sounds of the Alarm app are driving you crazy, you can opt for the option of use any song from Apple Music as your set alarm. To do this you must enter the app Clock on your iPhone, then tap on an alarm you have, then on Sound and lastly in choose song.

Share songs or playlists on social networks

You can simply share your favorite Apple Music songs or playlists with your friends or family on social networksfor which you just have to click on the three points that are next to the name of the song and then on share song o Share Playlist respectively.

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