The Stargazer wants to fly at Mach 9!

Going from Los Angeles to Tokyo in one hour is the feat promised by Venus Aerospace with its future high-altitude aircraft called Stargazer. An entire program !

The Stargazer currently only exists on paper. But its constructor Venus Aerospace has every intention of completing the construction of its hypersonic aircraft by 2025. To achieve this, it will take money, a lot of money: the group has secured 33 million dollars, including 1 million which comes from the US government.

Tests from 2025

The Stargazer is an aircraft capable of reaching Mach 9, which is nine times the speed of sound. It therefore deserves to be called “hypersonic”, which refers to missiles or vehicles that can go up to Mach 5 or beyond. The aircraft can carry 12 passengers at an altitude of 170,000 feet, or 51.8 kilometers.

Venus Aerospace speaks of a “space plane”, but the Stargazer is still far from it. He would have to go about 50 kilometers higher! Nevertheless, passengers are certain to take in the view and admire the curvature of the Earth.

With such speed, the plane will be able to travel between Los Angeles and Tokyo in just one hour! The two metropolises are more than 8,800 kilometers apart. Nothing to do with the 11 hours that a traditional commercial flight lasts…

© Venus Aerospace

The Stargazer takes off like a standard plane, it is only far from the cities and arrived at a certain altitude that the rockets take over. While Venus aims to finish building the first prototype in 2025, the company plans five years of testing to ensure the vehicle’s reliability and safety. The specter of the Concorde crash in July 2000 still hovers.

As for prices, the manufacturer announces tickets at the same price as first class tickets. This would be surprising, because even if these are very expensive tickets for ordinary mortals, we bet that the first Stargazer tickets will be even more inaccessible.

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