Autopilot is still under scrutiny

About a year ago the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation due to dozens of road accidents involving a Tesla model and first aid vehicles that Autopilot was unable to identify in time.

The investigation it was expanded a month later to 12 manufacturers and now, the NHTSA has announced who is investigating further how Autopilot relates to emergency vehicles stopped in the roadwhich could lead to a major recall affecting all four models.

More than 800,000 Tesla manufactured between 2014 and 2021


According to the security agency’s report, the 14 investigated road accidents involving a Tesla caused 15 injured and one deceased.

It is thus upgrading the preliminary evaluation that began in August of last year to an engineering analysis; the next step of a possible recall that would affect about 830,000 Tesla.

Specifically, the research focuses on the Model S manufactured between 2014 and 2021, Model X (2015-2021), Model 3 (2018-2021) y ModelY (2020-2021).

NHTSA is interested in understand how Tesla Autopilot works and how it interacts with parked emergency vehicles in the wake of various accidents, and why Autopilot returned control to the driver on average “less than a second before first impact.”

The agency found that most drivers had their hands on the wheel (as autopilot requires) but failed to take evasive action in time. In four of the crashes, Tesla did not issue any “chime or visual alerts during the final cycle of using Autopilot.”


The NHTSA is also reviewing 100 other crashes that occurred with Tesla vehicles using Autopilot, but did not involve first responder vehicles.

we meet like this with a two-sided problem: drivers who overestimate the capabilities of a level 2 autonomous driving systemand a technology that has yet to learn how to handle the unpredictable.

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