it will be a mini BMW M4 with manual transmission

In the twilight of the sports car as we know it, the arrival of a true BMW M it is something very special. The BMW M2Technically still one of the youngest M cars in the BMW line-up and the smallest, it has already earned a cult status, just like its predecessor, the BMW 1M.

The new generation of the BMW M2 will be officially presented in October this year. And taking advantage of the fact that the brand is fine-tuning its set-up (at this point the car is practically ready) at the Austrian Salzburgring circuit, the brand has revealed some of its technical data.

The new generation has a deeply traditional positioning for a sporty BMW. It is an important model in terms of image and to a certain extent volume, as it will be the most affordable BMW M of the brand. The designers, engineers and technicians who have made it know this better than anyone.

Unlike the M2 type F87, the previous generation, which was based on the then 2 Series Coupé, the new M2 uses BMW’s Cluster Architecture platform, common to all larger Munich models, including the BMW series 8 and the huge BMW X7. And that, at a technical level, is not anecdotal. It is literally a question of weight.


BMW has not yet revealed the weight of the car, but they acknowledge that they have had to deal with that factor. In any case, it should be less than the current BMW M4, which weighs just over 1,700 kg. But at the same time, being able to have a common platform with the BMW M3 and M4 has certain advantages. Specifically, to be able to have all the mechanical components of the M4, for example.

The new M2 hides a mini M4


Thus, most of the mechanical components of this new M2, such as the axles, chassis reinforcement arms, the gearboxes (6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic), the active locking rear differential, the brakes and, Of course, the supercharged inline six-cylinder engine type S58 come from the M3 and M4 duo.


Other known data of the new M2, which BMW has released via Sven Esch, director of dynamics for BMW M, at the Salzburgring, shed a little more light on what the new M2 will look like. The brand ensures that it has a level of performance similar to the BMW M2 CSthe exclusive special edition that marked the commercial end of the previous M2.

Specifically, the engine will not have the same power as in the M4 but will be limited to 450 hp, as in the M2 CS. The address, also inherited from the M3 and M4, the rear differential and the stability control have a specific calibration to the M2, since its wheelbase is 110 mm shorter than that of an M4.

BMW M2 interior

The new BMW M2 will have the double screen released by the BMW i4.

On the front axle, the springs are firmer than on the M4, to improve cornering, while the rear axle springs have been softened, to provide more agility in curves and have a rear axle that gives more play.

Finally, BMW has installed the adaptive dampers of the new M3 Touringto provide the lateral support that has been lost with the softer rear axle springs.


The new BMW M2, like the rest of the BMW 2 Series Coupé range (a model designed by a Mexican, by the way) will be manufactured in Mexico, at the San Luis Potosí factory. The M2 will be revealed next October, while its marketing will not begin until April 2023.

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