K-9 Mail will become the new Thunderbird email client for Android mobiles

Thunderbird, the popular open source email client available for desktop systems, having been Firefox’s little brother (and the black sheep) within the Mozilla Foundation’s family of applications, is on the way to launching its own mobile version Android.

Since the idea was launched a few weeks ago, the discussion has been on choosing to create an e-mail client completely from scratch or from an existing e-mail client application, finally winning this last option.

promise further development

Today we find that the K-9 Mail application for Android, one of the oldest and most recommended email clients for this operating system, is going to become the new Thunderbird application for Android mobiles.

The funny thing is that the discussions had already been going on for some yearsthey say in a statement.

Exactly, they point out that:

The conversation about how Thunderbird on desktop and K-9 Mail on Android could work better together had been going on since 2018. Our visions for an improved mobile app were more or less identical. Both projects share the same core values: privacy, open standards, and an open development process. So it was a very easy decision to work together.

With the arrival of K-9 to the Thunderbird family, hiring its main maintainer, a new roadmap arrives with changes in the short, medium and long term.

The most immediate is the arrival of the following:

Improved account setup through automatic Thunderbird account setup, improved folder management, support for message filters, and synchronization between the mobile app and Thunderbird on desktop.

In the medium term:

The source code repository will be moved to the Thunderbird organization on GitHub. The app on Google Play will be moved to a different publisher account. The forum can be combined with the one Thunderbird is using for the desktop application.

Once a certain level of functionality is reached, K-9 will become the new Thuderbird for Android mobiles.

Current users will be able to continue using the application as they have always been doing during all this time. Of course, the donations that K-9 receives from now on will now go to the Thunderbird project, from where they promise further development.

More information: K-9 Mail Blog

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