Microsoft wants to transform its Xbox Game Pass… in E3?

Microsoft’s crazy bet to reinvent E3 thanks to its Xbox Game Pass. How it works ?

Microsoft has big plans for Xbox, and the firm does not hide it. After his exceptionally good lecture of this Sunday, June 12, E3 is still at the heart of the company’s concerns. Indeed, the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase did not wait for the return of E3 to impose itself, and it seems that in the future, Microsoft wants to keep more and more away from this kind of gathering.

During a press conference, Sarah Bond, vice president of experience and the ecosystem of game creators at Microsoft, said that she wants to transform the Xbox Game Pass into a true platform of announcements, and thus replace the events video games. This approach is part of the Moorcroft Project. She then explains that she wants “take the Game Pass and turn it into a showroom“.

In its idea, Microsoft will give developers the ability to “take a part, a level of their game, broadcast it on the Game Pass, and thus generate enthusiasm for what’s to come and get very valuable feedback for the development and preparation of the game in view of its launch.

In other words, Microsoft wants to use the demo format to make information about upcoming games more directly accessible to players. Mainly intended for the press and influence, events such as E3 have for many years erected a barrier between information and the player. Microsoft’s Moorcroft Project therefore has the merit of simplifying things… at least in appearance.

A false good idea ?

Because gatherings like this have other advantages that cannot be possible via the Xbox Game Pass. E3, or other events allow players to have the information all in one place, at the same time. With the Moorcroft Project, we don’t know if this kind of meeting will be uniform and especially if it will affect everyone. Players will only have access to information from Microsoft and its partners, but not from other advertisers or platforms.

Moreover, if the availability of these “demos” is not fixed, players may not find their way around in the long term, which is not beneficial for anyone. So, if the legitimacy of E3 has already been in question for many years, well before the pandemic, the Moorcroft Project stands out as a smart but unpromising alternative.

It’s a safe bet that physical appointments are more or less doomed to disappear as information spreads much more quickly online, and has the merit of being accessible to all. However, it is difficult to understand how we could move towards a mode of operation via the Xbox Game Pass, and not via the current streaming platforms.

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