Prime membership could soon become more expensive

Amazon has announced new terms of use for Amazon Prime via email. These could be a harbinger of a price increase.

Will you soon be paying more for Amazon Prime?

Amazon offers its customers a variety of advantages that are worthwhile, especially for those who order a lot. So you get free shipping for most orders and usually even faster than standard shipping. On top of that, there is the video streaming service Prime Video, as an alternative to Netflix & Co. Amazon Prime customers are also given preference at sales events such as Prime Day, for example by being able to access deals earlier or receiving very exclusive deals.

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For the Amazon Prime membership you currently pay either 7.99 euros per month or 69.00 euros per year. This could soon become more expensive, because Amazon has sent its Prime customers new terms of use by email, which also contain the following point:

Clause 5.2 is newly introduced and now describes the conditions under which we can adjust the membership fee for Prime membership.

Since Amazon last adjusted the price of Prime membership in about five years, an impending price increase is not unlikely. However, it is not yet known if and when that will happen.

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