Sound improvements in calls with Microsoft Teams thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft does not stop introducing improvements and new features to Teams, its great productivity platform, again now addressing other improvements in the quality of audio in calls by launching new machine learning models.

They now more explicitly address echo cancellation, the arrival of some audio adjustments for participants in places with poor acoustics, and making it possible for multiple participants to speak and listen at the same time without interruption.

All these improvements are added to others that also now come to Microsoft Teamssuch as video enhancements where participants have poor lighting conditions and enhancements to content being shared with others in the event of insufficient bandwidth.

Adding improvements in sound quality in calls

Entering fully with the improvements of the sound in the calls, Microsoft is starting to use machine learning for the first time for echo cancellation, thereby preventing people from sounding like they’re in a cave on as many devices as possible.

this release It arrives several months after being in the testing phase, and whose models have been trained with 30,000 hours of voice in 74 different languages ​​and from a wide variety of devices, as well as simulated sound for room acousticsaccording to the company.

Also, if sound bounce or reverberation is detected in a participant’s room, a model will convert and process the captured audio as if the same participant were speaking into a short-range microphone.

But the most interesting thing is that now you can talk and listen at the same time on calls without annoying interruptions.

All these improvements in sound are added to those carried out previously thanks to Artificial Intelligence, whose commitment to machine learning models will ensure that they can adapt over time, instead of traditional methods of Artificial intelligence used up to now.

The best thing is that all the processing is done locally, instead of in the cloud, which allows it to be available to more users, not just those who were under payment options.

All of these improvements are starting to become available.

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