They discover a Trojan that acts unnoticed on your mobile

Cyber ​​attacks are an evil that lurks in the shadows on the Internet, always looking for one or more victims to steal their personal information, all to satisfy the dark interests of those who commit these types of acts.

The last discovered is named SMSFactory, a Trojan that has made headlines for being used to steal hundreds of euros by having access to users’ mobile devices.

This malware executes an instruction that subscribes victims to premium services, specifically SMS and calls, which have a special rate that notably increases the victim’s bill at the end of the month. A team of Avast researchers responsible for detecting this Trojan calculated that unauthorized subscription to these services could cost 300 euros per year per person.

While this doesn’t add up to a lot of money when viewed from an individual perspective, it does add up to considerable money when a large number of people fall for this malware.

As is the case with these types of malicious elements, their access to the mobile device requires that the victim Click on any link to start your download. To do this, the malware uses malicious advertisements to mask the link, which leads the victim to a page displaying services that they claim can help them obtain free applications.

Once the executable file is downloaded, it is accompanied by malicious software, in this case SMSFactory, which acts in the background after being installed on the mobile device.

After fulfilling its objective, this malware goes in search of the victim’s contacts to try to access their mobile devices.

One worrying thing about this malicious app is its ability to operate incognito when installed on the phone’s operating system, so the victim you cannot access it or see its icon. This means that the only alternative available to remove it is to subject the infected device to a factory reset.

To avoid this type of situation, you need to be careful when trying to download applications, doing this only from official sources.

Also, avoid clicking on download links that are displayed within advertisements or websites whose appearance generates mistrust.

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