Xiaomi and TP-Link: grab the best cheap surveillance cameras [Promoção]

A Xiaomi has in its vast ecosystem a good range of surveillance cameras with night vision, 360º rotation and live transmission to the smartphone, as well as several other attributes. However, the same can be said of several models of TP-Link.

Indeed, we have in the surveillance camera TP-Link TAPO C200 an extremely capable product (now) for less than €30. It’s a solid purchase to go on vacation relaxed, always keep an eye on the home and even talk through this camera.

Take advantage of the promotion on the Xiaomi Mi 360° Camera 1080p camera

Xiaomi Mi 360° Camera 1080p

Find out more about Xiaomi surveillance camera price and shipping in Mi Store UK

Given the listed price of €39.99, Xiaomi’s surveillance camera now costs €29.99 in stores in Portugal. This is a 25% discount on this one of the best cameras on the market to keep your home safe, or at least under surveillance.

Indeed, the Mi 360º Camera 1080p provides a 360º panorama. In addition, a resolution of 1080p Full-HD, a viewing angle of 360º and the option of inverted installation, we can have any corner of the house under our eyes through the Mi Home app.

Mi Camera 360° Camera 1080p

Find out more about Xiaomi surveillance camera price and shipping in Mi Store UK

The best of everything? This camera also features infrared night vision and motion detection for added security at any time of day. In fact, having a microphone and speaker we can even speak through the camera.

This camera also features all-new true color low-light technology that lets you see a full color palette, even in the last hours of the day. This without reverting to infrared lighting which can only provide a black and white image.

The TP-Link TAPO C200 is the “sister” of the Xiaomi camera

TP-Link TAPO C200

Find out more about the prices and shipping of the TP-Link TAPO C200 surveillance camera

The TP-Link TAPO C200 is a surveillance camera with live video signal transmission via the Internet (IP camera). It has Full-HD+ resolution (1080p), as well as a 360 degree viewing angle by having a rotating base, in addition to the vertical and horizontal axes of the central module.

In addition, the TP-Link TAPO C200 camera has a micro SD memory card slot if you want to record video on its storage. We also have two-way audio, which means we can talk through this surveillance camera.

Its installation is equally simple and can be mounted inverted. The control is then carried out through the brand’s own application, with all the perks we are used to, including good night vision.

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