Xiaomi: Buy a cell phone, eat for free at Mc Donald’s


Xiaomi is causing a stir on the internet with an unusual cooperation. Anyone who buys a particular mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer in Turkey can eat for free at Mc Donald’s.

Xiaomi cooperates with Mc Donald's in Turkey.

Xiaomi cooperates with Mc Donald’s in Turkey. (Source: KuzinaNatali/depositphotos.com)

Mobile phone manufacturers like to try to persuade their fans to buy a new smartphone with free gifts. Usually you get headphones, a charger or a protective cover for the device free of charge. A rather unusual addition is now dialing Xiaomi.

In Turkey, the mobile phone manufacturer is cooperating with Mc Donald’s. Anyone who buys the Redmi Note 11 here will receive two vouchers that can be exchanged for a Mc Chicken menu and a Mc Sundae sundae at the fast food chain, Xiaomi announced via Instagram.

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It is still unclear whether Xiaomi will expand the cooperation to other countries. Our reveals whether it would be worth buying the mobile phone for German Mc Donald’s fans in this case Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 review.

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