Adobe plans to offer a free version of the web version of Photoshop

Adobe has interesting plans for the web version of Photoshop, seeking to make it available to a greater number of possible users, facilitating its use even from less powerful computers so that, later on, it can serve as a gateway for the arrival of new subscribers to the existing paid version of it, which will allow them to access all the benefits.

As you may remember, it was By the end of october last year when the company presented the launch to the public of the web version of Photoshop at its Max 2021 event as a collaborative tool, having basic functions, and in which the creators provided a URL so that others could access it, without having to be subscriber, to add their comments, although subscribers could also make basic modifications to it.

Despite not having completed its first year yet, several updates along the way have allowed the current web version to be perfectly functional so that any creator could start their work directly from the web version.

Available to more people, in search of future subscribers

Now Adobe It is considering offering a free version with most of the available functions, where it will only be necessary to have an Adobe user account.

For it, The company is conducting a test in Canada, although at the moment the possible timeline that marks the periods until its final launch has not transpired. And while the test is ongoing, the web version for subscribers continues to receive new features.

The idea, as we already indicated, is to look for part of the new users of the free version of Photoshop on the web to later become subscribers, thus being able to access all the features through any Web navigator modern, also including devices where it is usually not feasible to have a desktop version, such as Chromebooks.

And while the web version for subscribers grows in features, the native desktop version also begins to have an Artificial Intelligence-based feature called “photo restoration”, which arrives in the preview phase to make the typical scratches of old photos disappearand that combined with the coloring function, users will be able to give a new life to the photos, although sometimes a decent result cannot be obtained.

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