An app to manage the photos and videos on your mobile

All mobiles have a native Gallery app that allows us to view and manage images and videos. Or we may turn to Google Photos to take advantage of all its functions and see the library of our device.

But if you are looking for a third option, you can consider applications like Aves Galería. A free and very complete app to view almost any type of images and videos.

A Gallery app for photos and videos on your mobile

Birds Gallery It is an open source app that has several functions to highlight. When you open the app, you will see that it divides your entire library of images and videos by month, but if you use the side tab you will find other sections.

For example, videos, screenshots and photos have their own section. But you can also organize the photos and videos in albums, marking them as “Favorites”, adding tags, etc.

One of the advantages offered by this app is that it can open almost any type of image and video file, so you won’t have to resort to other apps. And if you want, you can even convert an image format to another from the same application. For example, JPG to PNG, BMP, WEBP, etc.

And you will see that it shows you a lot of information about the images. You can see this data in each photo, as part of the statistics it offers about your library or on a map. And if you like to customize the apps you use on your mobile, you’ll see that Aves Galería has many options to configure.

For example, you can configure what the viewer will look like, if you want to use a background image, if you want to use the maximum brightness, options for video controls, among other possibilities. So you can customize the app as much as you want to adjust it to your needs.

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