Firefox makes its best privacy protection feature available to everyone

In these times, where the level of control by third parties over the activity of users on the web is increasing, it is appreciated that there are still organizations that defend and reinforce the tools in favor of privacy on the web.

In this sense, the Mozilla Foundation has announced that Total Cookie Protection, the feature that provides the highest level of protection against tracking the activity of Firefox users through the use of cookies created by third-party websites, and without affecting the browsing experience, begins to be available from default for all users of this web browser globally.

Mozilla points out that it is the strongest protection you have Firefox by limiting cookies to the websites that originate thempreventing third-party companies from using them to generate a compilation of the activity they carry out in their browsing sessions.

To do this, what this feature does is, as described, create independent containers, or as they also call it, “cookie jars”, depending on each website that is visited, so that each one of them deposits its cookies in its container (or jar) and only access them and not cookies generated by other websites.

In this way:

No other website can access the cookie containers that don’t belong to them and find out what other websites’ cookies know about you, freeing you from intrusive ads and reducing the amount of information companies collect about you.

Total Cookie Protection is your solution to a situation that you consider alarming, and that can affect you more at specific times, such as the search for cheap loans, health treatments, among other aspects that can lead to the appearance of annoying invasive ads. related to browsing activity:

It’s a startling reality: the possibility that your every move online is being watched, tracked, and shared, and it’s the antithesis of the open web that we at Mozilla have worked hard to build. That’s why we developed Total Cookie Protection to help you stay safe online.

Total Cookie Protection is also the culmination of extensive research and development work beginning in 2015, seeking to strike a balance between web use and privacy, and is available in the version of Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux. .

More information: Mozilla

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