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Karnox gamer chairs are available at discounted prices from Banggood

Surely there are not many people in Hungary who know the Karnox name. This is not surprising, as it is not a large company, they only and exclusively produce gamer chairsthey don’t have a lot of models out of it either, but they’re remarkable. Their prices are targeted at the lower-middle class, but the product itself looks good based on the information available.

Gamer chairs are not cheap, not least because they contain a lot of material and development, as ergonomics is not such a simple thing that we sit down at the design table and draw the perfectly comfortable chair in three hours. That’s why furniture is quite expensive, but in return they are comfortable, which is a big word when we work or play in them for hours.

Karnox has several models on the market, some of which can be ordered from Banggood, but now the Hero-Genie Edition is available at a bargain price. The chair is very nice at first glance, they hit the colors perfectly, and its design also looks good. The manufacturer claims to have gained experience in the manufacture of car seats, which sounds good. The backrest shows that wide, well encircled, and gives support to our backs. Livorno is covered in a fancy material that is suitably soft yet breathable. The backrest can be tilted up to 155 degreesso you can relax on it. The height of the armrest can be changed as well as the position of the seat. They also add two pillows to the chair, one can be attached to the neck and the other can support our waist.

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