The OnePlus 10T might outperform the OnePlus 10 Pro (and there’s an explanation for that)

A leak has just revealed some specifics of the technical sheet of the OnePlus 10 range. Surprise, the 10 model could be more efficient than the 10 Pro.

After announcing his smartphone OnePlus 10 Pro earlier this year, the Chinese brand also launched its OnePlus 10R. Rumors have it that other devices in the range could also be released later this year, starting with the OnePlus 10 Ultra and OnePlus 10.

It is precisely about this smartphone that the site Onesitego and the leaker heyitsyogesh released this week the first leaks of the model 10, or 10T according to the nomenclature that OnePlus will decide to attribute to it. With its back inspired by the 10 Pro, the smartphone should benefit from three rear cameras, as well as a circular LED flash. Small notable difference however: the photo module should be slightly larger, and will occupy the entire width of the phone, probably for aesthetic reasons. At the front, a Front camera should be integrated via a center punch.

On the design side, we should find the traditional power buttons on the right and those dedicated to the volume on the left. screen 6.7-inch AMOLED should offer Full HD+ resolutionas well as a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

More powerful than the 10 Pro?

Initially, the model was to include a Dimensity 9000 processor. The Onsitego leak specifies, however, that the Chinese brand would have finally chosen to upgrade to a higher model with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1capable of running Android 12 and OxygenOS 12 at launch.

Equipped with the latest processor from Qualcomm, the OnePlus 10T would be like this more powerful than the 10 Pro on paper. A logical development when you know that traditionally, the manufacturer’s T models offer improved versions of existing smartphones. Compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro, the T version could therefore not only offer faster charging, but also a more efficient processor. The 10 Pro meanwhile should retain its premium design and high-end camera.

Like Samsung with its Fan Edition, the T versions of the high-end OnePlus models could allow the brand to impose itself on all niches, by betting both on users wanting a premium and efficient model, but also on those and those able to wait a few more months to benefit from a model almost as efficient, which nevertheless ignores certain characteristics. A way for the brand to be talked about throughout the year, without fear of the duplication effect.

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