What could Nintendo announce by the end of the summer?

While Sony and Xbox have already put on a show, Nintendo are letting its fans get impatient but could well have a few surprises in store.

While the video game industry puts on its usual show at this time of year, the indomitable Kyoto firm for its part remains very discreet. Summer Game Fest, Xbox Games Showcase and other Gaming Show PCs have already passed, but Nintendo still has no event scheduled to highlight upcoming games in its 2022 schedule and beyond.

Fans are worried, and Nintendo’s timing remains uncertain after upcoming big releases like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 et Splatoon 3. It is therefore high time for the manufacturer to come out of its lair to come and dazzle us with new titles and crisp details for long-standing projects.

The king’s return

According to several sources, a Nintendo Direct would be looming for the end of June. Nothing official for the moment, but the clues are starting to accumulate, leaving no room for doubt. Some Internet users are convinced that they have spotted a trend that precedes each live presentation of the firm in the form of a great period of promotions on the eShop, and as luck would have it, this is currently the case on the online store of the Switch.

However, this kind of clues and theories are not enough to confirm the preparation of such an event… But when this is added to leaks from American journalists and other renowned leakers, the rumors could well become reality . In full stream of the Xbox Games Showcase, Alanah Pearce formerly working for our colleagues d’IGN said he knew from a reliable source that a Nintendo Direct would take place next June 29. According to her, the information would not come directly from Nintendo, but this date is indeed marked in black and white on her calendar.

On Twitter, @SamusHunter2, a leaker accustomed to this kind of leak, reacted to this sudden revelation from the journalist by confirming the announced date. So, while nothing is official, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this supposed Nintendo Direct become a reality in two weeks.

With any luck, few days still separate us from more information about Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3.

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