why are british series the best?

This evening on television, the documentary British Touch deciphers the success of English series and their future on our screens. Have.

British humor is inimitable, and contributes to the influence of the culture of the island country across the globe. Across the Channel, it’s a bit of a success factory of all genres. Mr Bean, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey or more recently Peaky Blindersthere are countless British series that have established themselves as references on the small screen.

But where does this success come from? The characters, the tone or original ideas, the documentary British Touch attempts to answer this question through interviews with prestigious speakers. A look back at this documentary which will be broadcast tonight at 10:50 p.m. on Canal+.

While the United States floods our screens with serial productions, Great Britain represents “the other country of the series”. A veritable breeding ground for creators and actors, our neighboring country has taken advantage of the limited impact of its cinema to establish itself in another area. If the 7th British art is not as strong as that of the country of Uncle Sam, or even the Hexagonal cinema, the country largely outdistances the competition when it comes to giving birth to irreverent, impertinent and necessarily irresistible productions .

Among the speakers of the documentary, we find several renowned screenwriters. Olivier Joyard, for example, invites the creator of Peaky Blinders : Steven Knight. As the series draws its end, the creator returns to his recipe for success. We will also cross paths with Laurie Nunn (Sex Education), Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) and even some talented actors like those of the Succession series.

Series that scrutinize society

What undoubtedly makes the popularity of these productions is the way in which they use their story to scrutinize and tell our societies. Recently, Sex Education tackled the taboos of sexuality through the prism of adolescence. Inspired by the romantic comedies of John Hughes, the series available on Netflix becomes a vibrant portrait of a youth in full questioning, and also a way of approaching extremely contemporary themes; without neglecting its colorful characters.

But the English series are also great actors, like Maggie Smith who portrays the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey. The documentary also pays homage to him through the testimony of the creator: Julian Fellowes. Fleabag, I May Destroy You, Peaky Blinders or Normal Peopleno production is ruled out.

Fans of series and this kind of documentaries, we can therefore only advise you to watch British Touch tonight on Canal+in the second part of the evening.

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