With this new film, Sony will tackle a manga monument

A cult manga will be entitled to its live-action adaptation, by the former director of Fast X.

The information comes from our colleagues from Deadline, and it is promising. While theadaptation live-action de One Piece is being emulated, it is the turn of another cult manga to be entitled to a film in live action. Entrusted to Justin Lin, the project should feature the wacky Saitama, in a live action film dedicated to One Punch Man.

Created in 2009 by Japanese artist ONE, One Punch Man is a goofy anti shonen, in which readers follow the adventures of Saitama, a young superhero so powerful he is able to defeat any enemy with a single punch. Tired of his power, the character desperately seeks an adversary at his height, and joins the Association of Heroes to overcome the toughest enemies.

First published as a webcomic, One Punch Man quickly established himself as a cult figure in the manga landscape. The series now accounts for nearly 25 volumes in France, an anime series and nearly 30 million copies sold worldwide. More recently, the license has also offered two video games on PC, consoles and smartphones.

Saitama stronger than Vin Diesel

The adaptation of the license in live-action therefore sounded like a no-brainer. If recent attempts to bring a cult manga to the big screen have not always been successful, Sony seems to have surrounded itself well. At the realization, One Punch Man can count on Justin Lin. The filmmaker did not take long to find inspiration after leaving Fast X. For its part, the Japanese giant has acquired the rights to the Shueisha license, and should entrust the production of the project to the Arad brothers, already at work on the licenses Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Manand even Venom. Production should begin by the end of the year, for a release date probably scheduled for early 2024.

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