A platform to create your own cryptocurrency with a few clicks

Until recently, creating a cryptocurrency was something reserved for a few, for experts in the blockchain world, developers specialized in the subject.

Over time, and after it became clear that cryptocurrencies are here to stay (despite their price rollercoaster), platforms have been born that facilitate the creation of tokens, and today they have presented us with a very interesting one that allows create a cryptocurrency in no time.

It is a Blocknitive project, associated with Block Impulse, to launch a platform from Spain. The idea is that anyone can create their own tokens and launch ICO (Initial Coin Offering), defining the price they consider appropriate.

The utility is clear, since in this way the brands will be able to retain their community, which will be able to use the specific cryptocurrencies to obtain various benefits. If WWWhatsnew created the WWWhatsnew cryptocurrency, subscribers and visitors in general could use it to win t-shirts or access exclusive content, for example.

In this video they explain it in detail:

This platform also has legal and technical support, so that any interested company can rest easy during the process of creating and distributing their cryptocurrency.

ICO will have a page that will connect with web3 wallets, from where anyone can buy tokens and exchange them for real currency. Said platform will be integrated with each client’s website, connecting with smart contracts, audited by an external company that will report the token and the market at all times.

The final idea is that companies create a token that is useful for their project, they do not want it to be used to “make money” with speculation.

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