Candida, the 100-year-old Italian who is not willing to give up the car and who has just renewed her driving license

In full debate in Spain about driver’s license for people over 65 -the Government has announced that it will modify the deadlines and the tests so that this sector of the population can renew it- comes from Italy the story of a woman who is not willing to stop driving.

Just turned 100 years oldCandida Uderzo has just renewed her card.

License until 2024

As reported local mediaCandida has decided to renew her license in order to maintain her independence, at least for the next two years.

And it is that in Italy, from the age of 80 you must pass a medical examination every two years that guarantees the maintenance of the essential psychophysical skills to drive safely.

Until the age of 50, renewal is every 10 years; every five years for holders between 50 and 70 years of age and every three years after 70.

In the case of Candida, according to the driving school where he did the renovation (something usual in Italy), he is in perfect condition to continue driving until 2024, when he turns 102.

His son, amazed that he has obtained two more years of the card, assures that Candida reads the newspaper without glasses and that he has only been in the hospital once for a hernia. He has been driving since she turned 50 and says that she has never needed to take pills or medication. “Just to sleep”.

He frequently uses the car and the bike to get around and goes hiking.

In Italy, once the anamnesis certificate indicating possible pathologies has been obtained from the family doctor, the doctor of the psychotechnical center or the driving school submits the patient to the examination eye care y auditory.

Medical Control

The candidate must demonstrate a visual acuity for both eyes of at least seven tenths with at least two tenths for the weaker eye and perceive the meaning of a conversation at not less than two meters.

Controls are also carried out blood pressure and heart rate, as well as questions psychological.

In Spain it is stipulated that from the age of 65 shorter terms are applied to the bulk of drivers which, depending on the type of permit and vehicle, ranges between 10 years and five years.

But before 2023 this situation will change, considering both the psycho-technical tests and the insufficient deadlines to guarantee safety at the wheel.

At the heart of the problem, elderly people who do not understand the risks involved in driving in certain circumstances, who on the other hand may not have transportation alternatives, but who have followed an obsolete system of renewals and psychotechnics where there is no limit of driving age.

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