HBO gets a new original film about the Dark Knight

The batman will have adventures far from Gotham City, with this new version of the myth of DC Comics.

The bat man is going to treat himself to a new reading. A few months after the success of The Batman by Matt Reeves, and while the announcement of Joker 2 with Joachin Phoenix and Lady Gaga already makes moviegoers tremble, HBO would have ordered a new, to say the least original feature film around Batman.

Batman among the Aztecs

According to our colleagues from Variety, Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires (Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires in French) should sign the very first collaboration between Warner Bros. Animation, Particular Crowd, Anima (one of the biggest animation film production companies in Mexico), and Chatrone (to whom we already owe The Book of Life). Distributed by HBO Max, the animated film should also be the first Warner project produced entirely in Mexico.

Far from Gotham City, this new reading of the Batman mythos should immerse the character in a very different space-time, at the time of Aztec Mexico. Exit Bruce Wayne, the film will follow the adventures of Yohualli Coatl, a young boy whose father is murdered by the Spanish conquistadors.

Rather than inherit the role of village chief, Yohualli flees to the city to alert King Moctezuma of the impending danger that awaits. This will then be followed by intensive training in the heart of the temple dedicated to the bat god Tzinacan. Supported by his assistant Acatzin (who will undoubtedly play a role close to that of Robin in the original lore), the hero should not only avenge the death of his father, but also protect his people from the Spanish invasion.

An exit not for now

Directed by Juan Meza-Leon, Batman Azteca already promises to transport us to another world. To bring more coherence to the project, the filmmaker – who we know in particular for his work on the animated series Harley Quinn and for illustrating volume 9 of the comics Rick & Morty — surrounded himself with the expert of Mesoamerican cultures and the ethnic history of Mexico Alejandro Diaz Barriga.

Fully dubbed in Spanish, Batman Azteca should eventually get an English dub. Other languages ​​are however not to be excluded if the animated film meets the expected success. In France, it will probably be necessary to wait until the arrival of HBO Max. If OCS still benefits from the exclusivity of HBO content, it is another story for productions exclusive to the platform.

For the moment, series or programs of the genre are arriving in dribs and drabs on certain French SVOD offers. This was the case, for example, on Salto for the Friends and Harry Potter meetings, but the Peacemaker series did not find a broadcaster in France.

The film has not yet no release date announcedonly a visual shared by Variety comes to set the tone. To be continued.

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