here are some gift ideas to satisfy your geek dad

Looking for geeky gift ideas for Father’s Day? Here are some ideas that will surely please the latter!

Best Prime en LEGO

With over 1500 pieces, this new LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime is a tribute to the heroic leader of the Autobots. Once assembled, the figurine has 19 points of articulation that will allow you to switch from robot mode to alternate truck mode, and vice versa. This is one of the few LEGO sets capable of changing appearance without requiring rebuilding!

This LEGO set will transport fans back to 1984, when Transformers exploded into popular culture with the first line of toys and the animated series. Recreated from the character Optimus Prime G1, the LEGO product has been designed with great attention to detail. It includes the character’s iconic accessories, such as the ion blaster, the Energon axe, an Energon cube and the Matrix of Command which can be stored in his chest.

Once the construction of this set of 1,508 bricks is complete, your dad will be able to admire his construction with pride, and display it with a presentation plaque. In truck mode, model stands over 5” (15cm) high, 10” (27cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide, while in robot mode, he stands over 13” (35cm) high. The LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime set is available at a price of 169.99 euros.

Gift this LEGO Optimus Prime set

Best Prime Lego

Livre de cuisine Marvel – Eat the universe

With this official Marvel cookbook, follow chef Justin Warner across the galaxy and discover step-by-step recipes to create the best superhero dishes worthy of Earth-616!

Whether you’re an accomplished Omega-level cook or just starting out at the Xavier Institute, you’ll find creative recipes for everyone in this collection. Discover the flavors of Wakanda with Akabenzi from Black Panther, travel to the southern United States with the dish of red beans and rice from Rogue and Gambit, enjoy a delicious New York cheesecake with Spider-Man… meat, fish or vegetarian, sweet or savory, these 60 recipes will transport your adored dad throughout the Marvel universe! Available at the price of 25 euros.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera

Instax Mini 40 is an intuitive device suitable for all your adventures. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 benefits from an automatic exposure function thanks to a powerful flash that adapts to the ambient light to ensure the best possible rendering, day or night. Showcase your fondest memories without worrying about recharging, your Instax Mini 40 runs on batteries to give you all the flexibility of Fujifilm cameras. Take it everywhere with you thanks to its featherweight (508g) and let your imagination run wild! He is available for 97.90 euros.

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Le Fire TV Stick 4K d’Amazon

If you have your father has an old television that is quite slow, that does not have all the options or applications that you want, this little key should interest him. Indeed, by connecting the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD to an HDMI port on your television, you can enjoy Android directly on it. The navigation is fluid, and you will find an application store with many options. This is not the Play Store, but the Amazon App Store. Never mind, all the major apps are also available, like Netflix, Molotov, MyCanal, Apple TV+, Prime Video, etc.

To go further, you can also install applications from APK files. The possibilities are diverse, and we will especially appreciate the image quality which can go up to 4K, and thus be suitable for different models of televisions. On Netflix for example, films and series will be in extremely detailed definition. In addition, this small media player supports Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+ technologies.

Moreover, this small HDMI key comes with a remote control, which will allow you to easily navigate the menus, take advantage of very practical shortcuts, but also the voice assistant Alexa. With the latter, you can open applications directly using your voice or search the Internet. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is compatible with Bluetooth and of course Wi-Fi, but also with Alexa, and is based on a Quad Core processor and 8 GB of RAM. He is available for 59.99 euros.

Acheter le Fire TV Stick 4K

Sneakers Boba Fett Samba Sarlacc Pit de Adidas

The Sarlacc Pit is proof of Boba Fett’s indestructibility. Follow in his footsteps, with a classic silhouette inspired by the color palette of the Sarlacc pit. These Adidas sneakers are available at the price of 100 euros.

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Adidas Boba Fett

Un t-shirt The Simpsons

Offer a t-shirt from The Simpsons range at Celio created for Father’s Day. This gray men’s t-shirt is made of cotton and polyester, with a round neck and short sleeves, to be worn with jeans and sneakers. Find the Simpson family with a print in front of Homer and Bart on a sofa, perfect gift for Father’s Day. Homer is the father of the Simpson family and Bart, the eldest of the family, more interested in nonsense than his studies, tagging “Sorry or Whatever”. Count 19.99 euros.

Offer this t-shirt and discover the collection

A craft workshop with Wecandoo

Take the time to reconnect with the material, savor the pleasure of creating and (re)discover our French know-how. For anyone looking for a gift like no other, consider a Wecandoo workshopa re-father of good ideas to please him!

Buy a workshop for your dad

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