Maverick is so good he literally takes flight

Successful take-off for Top Gun: Maverick which flies to the top of the French box office rankings.

It is a resounding success for Joseph Kosinski’s film. Since its release on May 25, Top Gun : Maverick continues to climb the ladder and the film has just passed a crucial stage. It ranks first in the French box office rankings with no less than 3,235,000 admissions at the time of writing. This is a simply stunning score, as the production is on course to overtake its elder, which had 3,571,206 admissions in 1986.

This is a score that is all the more impressive in that it does better than The Batman de Matt Reeves, Fantastic Beasts 3 by David Yates or Doctor Strange 2 of Sam Raimi, which were nevertheless enormous cartons. I have to say that Following Top Gun had been expected for almost 35 years nowand that the accumulated delay due to the pandemic has only increased the expectation of spectators.

It is therefore with a certain and pronounced enthusiasm that fans of the first film, but also young neophytes dazzled by its international resonance, rushed to cinemas around the world. In the United States, the competition is always fierce, and Top Gun : Maverick has not yet surpassed everyone in terms of revenue, although it will soon.

If in total the film brought in a good bundle of money, 747,044,000 dollars in revenue, on the American continent, it is still Doctor Strange 2 which officially holds the palm of the most profitable with 397 million dollars. Top Gun : Maverick isn’t far behind at $393 million, so it doesn’t have much to catch up on. We can nevertheless say that it is an excellent start, less than a month after its release.

Tom Cruise soon to return to the cinema

Top Gun : Maverick wasn’t the only Tom Cruise movie that fans were looking forward to. We should also soon find the actor in Mission Impossible 7, also repeatedly delayed because of the pandemic. We recently had a first trailer, which had some surprises in store for us. The film is expected for the month of July 2023, so we still have a little time ahead of us to prepare for the adventures of Ethan Hunt.

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