The fines of the DGT for having a dirty, fallen or non-reflective car license plate

The car registration serves to identify a given car or vehicle associated with its owner. It is a plate with a single alphanumeric numbering and, broadly speaking, it allows the DGT detect possible offenders, as well as apply the payment of services (parking, tolls) or carry out various administrative procedures.

All vehicles, as well as trailers, semi-trailers, quadricycles or mopeds, are required to carry the corresponding approved registration plates.

But there are also certain aspects related to license plates that, if they are not fulfilled, are susceptible to a traffic fine. And beware that it can reach up to 6,000 euros. We review them all.

In poor condition, illegible, if it is no longer reflective…

car license plate

The vast majority of fines related to registration that can be imposed by the DGT sanction serious offenses of traffic. Although there are also mild or very serious.

As far as the first ones are concerned, the serious ones, a fine of 200 euros (or 100 euros if we stick to prompt payment) and they do not entail the subtraction of points from the card of driving.

And they apply in the case of:

  • When the plates have elements u obstacles that prevent the identification of their numbering or circulate without them.
  • When the numbering is not visible because the plates are in poor condition (dirty or worn).
  • Drive with a license plate is not of the approved type with the corresponding vehicle. Here you can check how they should be for each type of vehicle.
  • Not placing them in the established way by regulation, whether in vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers as specified in Annex XVIII of the General Vehicle Regulations.

For example, a car must have two, one in the front and one in the rear, both in the center. Exceptionally, and if the appearance of the car does not allow it, the front can be located either on the right or on the left side of the front.

And in the case of motorcycles, mopeds or tricycles, it is mandatory to carry a single plate, in the center of the rear area.

  • when they have lost its self-reflective characternot being legible or visible.
  • If they have signs or characters other than the regulatory ones or not allowed (in the case of going personalized).
  • If they are accompanied by other plaques that impede your visionreadability or may be misleading.

In general, they have to do with non-compliance with the requirement that all drivers be forced to check the license plates of your carchecking that they do not present obstacles or others that prevent or hinder their reading and identification, as dictated by Article 10 of the Traffic Law.

On the other hand, it is considered minor infraction if a foreign vehicle does not have nationality badge in the registration, being exempt those registered in member states of the European Union (EU). The fine in this case is 80 euros (or 40 euros if paid up to 20 days after notification).

Can I be fined for carrying a personalized license plate?

personalized car license plate

Depends. Although since 2013, when the regulations changed, the personalization of license plates, you can’t wear one US style.

And it is that the General Vehicle Regulations states that “without prejudice to the established background color”, will be allowed in the same “geometric designs with no recognizable meaning” and as long as “they do not affect the conditions of retroreflection and legibility”, necessary for capturing images of traffic surveillance systems or authorities.

Ordinary car registration

Therefore, as long as these criteria are met, the license plate can be personalized, essentially in terms of background, but without altering the color and never changing the inscription.

In other words, when we see a license plate with a background other than white (corresponding to the ordinary and more numerous) it is not that it is personalized, but that, depending on the type of vehicle, it must have that color (there are blue, yellow, red , green…)

This infraction would be included in the previous one of “elements that hinder vision”, fining 200 euros and without points.

A curiosity: the characters of the three letters arranged in an ordinary license plate never include vowelsnor consonants such as Ñ ​​or the Q (because of its resemblance to the letters N and the number zero respectively), nor CH o LLsince that would mean four letters and not three.

Manipulate the license plate: 6,000 euros

Tampered counterfeit license plate

On the contrary, if the registration plate or plates are manipulated we are talking about a much higher fine, since it is sanctioned with 6.000 eurosplus the rest of six points of the card.

And it is considered that the registration has been manipulated when:

But in addition, depending on how the file is opened, it could also be subject to a criminal sanction such as document forgery crime.

Not in vain, license plates are considered as an official identification document. And as stipulated in Article 392.1 of the Penal Code:

The individual who commits in a public, official or commercial document, any of the falsehoods described in the first three numbers of section 1 of article 390.

They refer both to the alteration or simulation of the same, either totally or partially. The penalty that can be applied is imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine of six to twelve months, or imprisonment from six months to one year and a fine of three to six months, when knowingly using this false document.

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