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The Topshak riveter is available for as little as HUF 5,000

Pop riveting is an almost simpler solution than screwing, just that non-destructive insoluble bonds are created. Such riveting can be seen in many places, such as cars, strollers, some bike parts, trailers, garage doors, and a bunch of other places.

One-handed riveters are the most basic tools if you want to rivet, however perfect for home use. Most likely we don’t use one of these on a weekly or maybe monthly basis anyway. This is why the Topshak tool is such a recommended purchase, as it is also perfect for a casual tool. The one – handed riveter is 20 centimeters long and a It can pull recessed rivets of 2.4, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8 millimeters. The body is made of aluminum and the handle is made of carbon steel.

The Topshak TS-RG1 is a complete riveting kit, so outside the pliers we get four types of riveting heads and 80 rivets20-20 pieces of each size, and it ‘s all in one in a plastic tool bag.

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