This is what the home page of Amazon Fire TV devices will look like from now on

Going into the spring of this year, Google announced a series of improvements to the Google TV interface with the goal of unifying TV experiences in a single app, and coming out of the same spring, now comes Amazon presented the remodeling of the interface of the home page of Fire TV devices.

These changes, which will now begin to arrive slowly, are in addition to the changes introduced months ago to facilitate the management of live television services on Fire TV.

Remodeling of the home page interface Fire TV It brings a renewed intuitive and accessible navigation system, also addressing the simplification of some functions and additional small changes, all of which have already been tested since last April.

For a more accessible and personalized experience

The company has chosen to eliminate the classic text menu on its home page, available since its inception, for an intuitive and simplified navigation bar based on representative icons, allowing quick access to the most common options through the corresponding tabs. .

The options that it has are Home, Search, Live and finally My stuff.

Indeed, the My Stuff tab is actually the classic Library tab that has only been renamed, but essentially offers the same content as the To Watch list, recently opened apps, rented content and/or purchase, and more.

Amazon has also opted for merge options searches to centralize it in a single one, also simplifying the results page for which it will now have two rows instead of four as before.

Categories such as Free, Movies, TV Shows, Applications and Children and Family have been brought to the first row, while in the second row it will simply be limited to the recommended content according to the activities of the profiles.

In this way, Amazon has wanted support the goal of delivering a more engaging and personalized streaming experience for Fire TV users through the various changes that it has been carrying out through the corresponding revisions over time.

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