An online judge who makes case decisions using Artificial Intelligence

We are still far from Artificial Intelligence being able to decide on cases in court, but there is already an experiment that shows it, an online judge who has been trained with real cases to respond to any case that we present to her.

It is an experiment where they trained a language model called Jurassic-1 on 27 years of court opinions, media interviews, and public speeches from a real judge, Justice Ginsburg.

We can ask whatever we want, and the AI ​​will answer Yes, No or Maybe, briefly arguing its decision.

I have asked him several questions, such as whether a client can be forced to pay an invoice even if there is no signed contract, or questions related to inheritance. All the answers are very logical, very natural, which helps to imagine the future.

If the AI ​​had been trained with millions of decisions from thousands of judges from various countries, we would surely be facing a truly impressive online judge, but at the moment these are only decisions based on decades of experience from a famous judge from the United States.

You can ask any question, in English, at this address: It is possible to copy and paste the input and output texts, so you can use google translator if you need it.

In the presentation, those responsible indicate that they are part of AI21 Labs, a research company focused on reinventing reading and writing using Large Language Modelsand that they decided to pay tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a fun and engaging way.

Apparently they will do more things in this sense, so we will be attentive to more experiments like this.

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