At Del Toro, Pinocchio reinvents itself with Frankenstein sauce (it’s beautiful)

Guillermo del Toro will reinvent the myth of Pinocchio, to deliver an intimate and darker story on Netflix.

A few months before its release, the Pinocchio of William of Toro is firing on all cylinders to promote itself. Via an exclusive interview with the filmmaker, Vanity Fair unveils the first images of the animated film, which promises to reinvent the myth for our greatest happiness. Exit the children’s version of Disney, the filmmaker will put his penchant for the strange at the service of an ambitious and very intriguing rereading of the tale. He will be helped by Mark Gustafson (Fantastic Mr.Fox)

While Disney is also preparing its remake, with Tom Hanks in the skin of Geppetto, Netflix has already won our hearts with this footage. If the narration remains family-oriented, Guillermo del Toro is not going to transform his work into a watered-down production. He will explore the similarities of this centuries-old tale with those of an equally major work: Frankenstein.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the connections between Pinocchio and Frankenstein. They both speak of children thrown into the world. They are both created by a father who then expects them to discover what is right, what is wrong, ethics, morals, love, life on their own. I think that was my childhood. You must have understood all this with your very limited experience.

Childhood at the heart of the story

The plot should thus explore in detail this crucial moment of childhood. And what better way to do that than to animate real puppets. In view of the first images, unveiled this week, the bet seems to have been won hands down. The pictures are sublime, we can’t wait to finally be able to discover it on our screens.

Jiminny Cricket played by Ewan McGregor
Credits: Netflix

A few lucky ones have also had the opportunity to discover excerpts during the Annecy Festival. In front of a full housethe filmmaker made a plea for animation. It’s a story just as serious as the live-action footage. “Animation is cinema, not a put*** subgenre! We’re going to get that message across.”

15 years of maturation

This story, very intimate, is not new. It took nearly 15 years for it to finally see the light of day. It was the arrival of Netflix in the equation that allowed the little puppet to come to life. It remains to be seen whether the result will live up to the promise. In view of these first images, it is difficult to imagine a failure.

Especially since it benefits from a high-flying cast. This is David Bradley, Rusard in the saga Harry Potter, who will lend his voice to the carpenter. Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) will appear as for him in the skin of Jiminy Cricket. The fairy will be camped by Tilda Swintonwhile it is Christopher Waltz who will play the Fox and the Cat. Added to this already very prestigious list are the names of Cate Blanchett and Tim Blake Nelson.

To the music, we will find with pleasure Alexandre Desplat. The composer was at work on The Shape of L‘eauhe had also won an Oscar for his work on the film.

Pinocchio sur Netflix
Credits: Netflix

Pinocchio arrive in December 2022 on Netflix. This is not the only project of Guillermo del Toro in partnership with the platform since he is also developing a horror anthology, called The Cabinet of Curiosities.

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