“Only Fernando Alonso is against”

The Mercedes Formula 1 team and its boss, Toto Wolffhave already started the political battle to return to the top positions in Formula 1. El ‘porpoising’or the rebound of the single-seater, has been the great headache for Mercedes since the implementation of the new technical regulations and, once they are not able to solve it technically, they want to do it through politics.

Mercedes has already put in place the machinery to show that the rebound is unsafe. The objective? That the FIA ​​imposes a regulation change raising the minimum height for all cars to avoid ‘porpoising’. We already saw in Barcelona that when Mercedes avoids this evil, they are much closer.

The Mercedes was the lowest car in Baku and Lando Norris asks them to raise the height

Toto Wolff Mercedes F1 2022

So in Baku we saw some opportune radio messages from George Russell and Lewis Hamilton lamenting the lack of visibility due to the rebound. Even the seven-time world champion complained throughout the weekend of alleged back pain. “We’ll see if he can run in Canada”said Toto Wolff after the race. He will be, without a doubt.

While other teams have managed to avoid ‘porpoising’ with technical solutions and thanks to this they can take the car lower, Mercedes still can’t find the key. Not even having already benefited in the preseason from a tortuous change in FIA regulations that allowed him to place the tie that joins the floor to the chassis, annoying Alpine.

Hamilton Baku F1 2022

After the race, Toto Wolff went one step further, saying that “all the drivers got together and agreed that porpoising is a problem. All but one: Fernando Alonso“. The excellent politician Wolff used Alonso’s name to generate noise, even if it was at the cost of lying publicly once again.

At the end of the Spanish Grand Prix, Alonso was apologized over the radio because the Alpine had suffered too much ‘porpoising’, to which the Asturian replied: “I’m young and fit, no problem”. In Baku he also said sarcastically that “hopefully we will solve the problem of ‘porpoising’ by young drivers. I can put up with it.”

Hamilton Mercedes F1 2022

However, Alonso is not the only driver who nuances the problem of ‘porpoising’. Lando Norris was also quite clear When asked about Hamilton’s alleged back problems: “If they have problems with the ‘porpoising’, raise the height of the car.” It is the simple solution, but it subtracts performance.

During the last Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the lowest car on the entire grid was the Mercedes, even lower than the Ferrari or the Red Bull. Thus, it is easy to understand that they suffered so much ‘porpoising’. Mercedes, Wolff and Hamilton seem determined that the FIA politically solve the problems that they are not able to fix in the factory. Again.

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