Photoshop’s new filter uses AI to restore old photos

The Adobe team announced a new neural filter that will allow you to restore old photos in a few seconds.

Although it has not yet been released for all users, it allows us to see a preview of its operation.

How to restore old photos with Photoshop

Photoshop It has multiple AI-powered filters that allow you to perform different actions on photos with a simple click, for example, skin smoothing. And soon a new proposal will be added within Photoshop’s neural filters, which promises to restore our old photographs.

There are many apps that allow us to restore old photos using different techniques, but having a specific filter for this process within Photoshop could make restoration much easier, since we could adapt it to different criteria.

At the moment, this new neural filter is in beta, but the Photoshop team has already shown a preview of its dynamics on video. As shown in the videoit will only be necessary to load the photograph, go to the Neural Filters menu and select the new filter under the “Restoration” section.

Once we select “Photo Restoration” some changes will be automatically applied to restore the photo. This includes removing any scratches, creases, or imperfections in the photo paper. And it will also make other changes to improve the photo, for example, correcting color in faded images or reducing noise in the image.

An automatic process that will only take a few seconds. This will serve as the basis for the restoration, since from this result we can continue working to adjust some details. For example, if we want to add color to a black and white photograph, or enhance a specific area of ​​the image. Or you may want the filter to apply only a few enhancements, such as scratch removal, but keep the rest of the photo’s characteristics, such as its original color.

This filter is not yet available to all users, as it is in the testing phase, but they plan to release it to everyone in the near future.

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