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Reolink’s novelty is the two-eyed camera, it has never been before

To the Reolink Duo – as you can easily tell from its name – there are definitely two of them, which does not mean that you have double vision, but that it has a much wider viewing angle due to the dual camera sensorthan an average IP camera while the image is not distorted by a fisheye optic. At first glance, it looks like a space creature with two eyes and two antennas, but behind the quirky exterior lies a very serious knowledge. Both sensors capture 4 Megapixels, capturing 2K resolution, the events can be recorded in very good quality and in detail. You can also view the night pictures in color, but it also has human and vehicle recognition mode. You can also receive notifications of events from your software via push message or email. Able two-way audio for transmission and image compression Uses H.265 codecso the recordings take up much less space with the same quality as similar cameras.

It is equipped with a built-in battery so it does not need to be poweredwhich is larger gives you freedom in equipmentand, of course it also connects to the router wirelessly via WiFi, both at 2.4 and 5 GHz. Can be supplemented with solar panel, which you can add to your order when you add the product to the cart. If you get it too, you really won’t have any problems with it because it recharges the tiny energy that the camera consumes at night the sunshine, and this is true even after a couple of overcast days, as the colonies store enough charge for about a month.

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