So you can correct a YouTube video without having to edit it and re-upload it

YouTube is adding a new feature that will make it easier for creators to correct some detail of the video, without having to delete it and upload it again to the platform.

Have you published a video that has an error in the information or have you made a mistake in the name or price of a product mentioned? If so, you will not have to go through the tedious process of editing the video, but you can use the new feature of YouTube.

How to correct errors in the videos we publish on YouTube

If you make a mistake in the information you share in a video, and you are responsible, you have no other alternative than to delete the content to edit it and upload it again. Unless it’s an irrelevant detail that you can mention in the description or in the next video.

But if you delete the posted video, you miss out on all your follower interaction and will have to start over. So that creators do not have to go through this process, YouTube is adding a new feature that allows you to mark “corrections” on already published videos.

This process is done from YouTube Studio and it will only be necessary to explain the correction and specify the timestamp. When users want to play our video, they will see an information card about the player with a message like “See corrections”.

Just by clicking on the card, the corrections that the creator has added will be displayed, as you see in the image above. It will show which moment of the video the correction refers to and the text explaining the situation.

While the dynamic isn’t ideal, it does allow creators to correct their videos without having to delete the content and re-upload it. And on the other hand, these cards are much more visible than resorting to the description of the video or comments to clarify any errors in the video.

And of course, it could also be used to update data from old videos on our channel that are still popular.

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