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A DualSense pro or nothing. Does Scuf manage to convince us that his Reflex is the best controller for the Sony PS5?

Known and recognized in the world of gaming, Scuf is a brand that brings you a piece of the professional scene directly into your living room. For years, she has accustomed us to performance and promises to renew her promise with her new discovery: the Scuf Reflex for PS5. This familiar-looking controller wants to establish itself as the best version of Sony’s DualSense. Successful bet for Scuf? The answer in this test of the Reflex controller for PS5.

Design and ergonomics

This is one of the strong points of the brand, and for good reason, it is what makes it famous today. Scuf is not only the pro in performance, but also in design. The Reflex is no exception: based on a classic DualSense model, the controller hardly changes the usual experience that you can have on PS5 when you get started. The same shape and size, it is very pleasant to handle, the DualSense being the biggest achievement of the transition to the new generation.

So we start with an exceptional base material, which you can fully customize. With its experience in the field, Scuf offers many points of customization, and almost every element can be modified as you wish. Your controller will therefore always be unique, unless you opt for a preconfigured model, a great novelty for the firm which adapts to the undecided.

The colors are dashing, the possibilities almost endless and the rendering, both visually and to the touch, is simply stunning. As tastes and colors are not discussed, we advise you to do a tour of the site in order to give you an opinion, but here is a small overview of what you can do:

At the back, there are as usual palettes, mappable at will, which follow the curves of the handles. In general, the pallets are extremely well positioned, and intuitively come to rest under our fingers when we take the controller. They are also detachable quite easily and do not require complicated manipulations to be reprogrammed.

As you will have understood, Scuf could hardly have done better in terms of design and ergonomics, which are gaining in relevance year after year, despite some notable flaws. This is particularly the case of the joysticks which would have deserved some textures and / or borders to better keep the thumbs in place. In-game, the very smooth aspect of the joysticks is an obstacle to competition, which is particularly unfortunate for this type of product.


We will not go over all the specificities of the DualSense, which is one of the most advanced manufacturer controllers in terms of immersion on the market. Between haptic feedback, adaptive triggers or even indicator lights, everything remains intact with the Scuf Reflex. Better yet, we hardly lose any change in weight. Because despite all that Scuf can offer more, the company has counterbalanced its weight to save it only 20 small grams on the scale.

Going from 280 g for the DualSense to 300 g for the Reflex, the difference in sensations is barely perceptible. This is also one of the brand’s points of honor, unlike some of its direct competitors, who are concerned about the health of your wrists in the long term. This therefore also implies that those who want a heavier controller (for more anchoring and therefore precision) will have to turn to another model, Scuf not offering adjustable weights.

Overall, with paddles and grips (paid option), in-game performance is not increased tenfold, but is relatively boosted. In games where responsiveness and agility are required, the paddles do their job extremely well and increase our ability to manage several actions at the same time without having to move our fingers from their original position. Again, the location of the palettes is optimized so that they can be used naturally.

Another excellent point, the Reflex also allows you to configure several profiles depending on the user or the type of game you are playing. Up to 3 profiles can be assigned and all you need to do is press the dedicated button to change the configuration. This is another detail that puts Scuf above the rest, not in terms of pure performance, but in terms of accessibility and ease.

Also note that the Reflex does not change the battery life in any way – one of the black points of the DualSense – except for the FPS model (which we have not tested), which makes it possible to remove vibrations and to have instant triggers. In this specific case, and in the case where you would have made a customization to remove one or more of these elements, you theoretically gain autonomy.

Does the Reflex for PS5 deserve its price?

This is the question that everyone asks each time a professional controller is released, and especially for Scuf products. Notoriously known for its “exorbitant” prices, the brand has not compromised on this point with the Reflex which has a starting price of €219.99. If we do the accounts, that’s more than 3 times the price of a standard DualSense. A price that can easily climb around 300€ if you personalize it without slowing yourself down. It then goes to €239.99 for the pro model (additional grip) and €269.99 for the FPS model (no vibrations and instant triggers).

Everyone will agree that this remains a cost. However, this quality of manufacture is rarely found on other professional controllers that are less expensive, or even of the same price. To be based on a DualSense is to have Sony quality, in addition to the expertise of Scuf, and this in a fairly affordable way from a technical and handling point of view. No need to know it to have a little piece of professionalism at home, and with class on top of that.

Of course, it’s a controller that will simply attract people who really want it, and for these people, the business is going smoothly to end up with an almost unique property in their hands. We will nevertheless issue a criticism on the Pro and FPS models which overload certain aspects which should not be so much in our opinion, and we would also have appreciated being able to switch from adaptive triggers to instantaneous triggers in the blink of an eye (button, interchangeable triggers, or other), even if it means paying a slight additional cost. But since the future is often synonymous with innovation, who knows what Scuf has in store for us in the future?

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