the new electric Kia Niro for 199 euros per month and a seven-seater at a compact price

Las Car Brands continue to launch new promotions to try to weather the storm, with a market still very touched.

And this week we meet offers very interesting, including for newcomer models. In the menu: models of ZERO labela familiar as rational as it is cheap or one of the most affordable sports cars on the market.

The new electric Kia e-Niro, for up to 13,150 euros less

Kia e-Niro 2022

the second generation of Kia Niroa compact SUV in an eco key that can only be hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric, just arrived on the Spanish market. And it does so with interesting discounts on its three options, including pure electric, with a ZERO label.

The new Kia e-Niroin the most basic finish Concept, it is offered by 29.100 euroswith the introductory offer applied, as long as it is financed with the brand and also including the maximum discount of the MOVES III plan.

We are therefore talking about a discount of 13,150 euros or 6,150 euros without the MOVES applied, since its rate price is 42,250 euros. The financing contract can be made in a maximum of 47 installments, set at a monthly 199 euros. It also requires an entry of 11,561 euros.

Kia Niro 2022

The Kia e-Niro mounts an electric drive 150 kW (204 CV) y 255 Nmwhich draws its power from a battery 64,8 kWh. With it, it promises an autonomy of up to 463 km, considerably more than that of its predecessor. Its mixed consumption is set at 15.9 kWh/100 km.

In addition, in this new installment the e-Niro continues to boast of offering the trunk capacity of the family of this SUV: 475 liters. With the second row of seats folded down, it reaches 1,392 litres. Not bad for an electric.

Regarding the Concept finish, it is equipped with LED headlights, climate control, automatic lights and wipers, USB chargers in all rows or rear parking sensors, as well as assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, lane assistant, traffic sign reader or fatigue warning.

And the usual Kia benefits are added, such as the seven-year warranty, or for 150,000 km.

Dacia Jogger: a seven-seater with an ECO label and fast delivery, for just over 20,000 euros

Dacia Jogger 2022

The Dacia Jogger It is the last cash of the Romanian firm to reach our market. East family body crossover is one of the few seven seater that can be found in Spain (without being an industrial derivative), to which is added a competitive price like a good Dacia.

In addition, it is one of the Dacia models that is offered with the Go program, with priority deliverywhich translates into less waiting.

The Dacia Jogger Extreme GOin seven seats, has a price of 20.250 euroscon offer applied and as long as it is financed with the brand. The price without discounts of this variant is 21,460 euros. This offer features the ECO-G variant, whose 100 hp engine works with both gasoline as with LPG. So we talk about a eco label.

The monthly fee is 167 euros per monthdivided into 37 installments, and implies a very affordable entry for a car of its characteristics: 3,892 euros.

Dacia Jogger 2022

To this is added that it is the more complete finish of this model, featuring LED headlights as standard, an eight-inch multimedia screen with Media Nav Evolution system and integrated browser, climate control, rear camera, front and rear parking sensors, electric parking brake or ignition and keyless access.

And also without surcharge, it equips assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, cruise control, blind spot detector or hill start.

If you opt for this same finish, but in a five-seater version, jogger price is 19,350 euros and its fee is set at 158 ​​euros per month.

Mazda MX-5: por 250 euros per month, with repairs and maintenance included

Mazda MX-5 2022

We went from functionality to the passionate level with the Mazda MX-5a small sports car that needs no introduction and that just updated this year with more technology and equipment.

This rear-wheel drive two-seater roadster, in its access option, is now offered by 27.172 euros attached to the FlexiOption financing program from Mazda: when you reach the last installment, you can choose between changing it, returning it or keeping it by paying it. Their rate price is 29,972, so they mean 2,800 euros less.

The contract is for 36 months, the first installment being 237 euros and the rest 250 euros per month. The entry is set at 6,410 euros.

Mazda MX-5 2022

In addition, this offer includes three years of maintenanceor for 60,000 km, and includes the Mazda 730 Security program, with coverage of repairs for five years or 150,000 km. It will be active until June 30.

The Mazda MX-5 who enjoys this promotion is the propellant of 1.5 liters, 132 hp and 152 Nm, which is the most restrained of the Japanese roadster family. It is associated with a manual shift six-speed and signs a tip of 204 km / h.

In the Origin base finishit has Full LED headlights as standard, 16-inch wheels in black, a seven-inch multimedia display with Mazda Connect system, electric and heated rear-view mirrors, dynamic control G-Vectoring Control Plus or Kinematic Position Control (KPC), control cruise or speed limiter, among others.

The cheapest Toyota Yaris: no ECO label, but for 125 euros per month

Toyota 125 S-Edition 2020

Shortly after hitting the market, the current delivery of the Toyota Yaris you premieredin the access variant without the hybrid engine in the equation: the 125 S-Edition.

In this version the Japanese utility is now offered by 16.500 euros with the program flexible financing Toyota Easy Plus. The PVP of this option is set at 20,750 euros, thus enjoying a discount of 4,250 euros.

It also allows you to return it, change it or keep it when you reach the last installment, the entry being 5,840 euros and it means 125 euros per month, in 48 installments. This promotion will be valid until July 4 and includes four years warranty and maintenance.

Toyota Yaris 2022

This Toyota Yaris mounts a gasoline engine of 1.5 literswhich yields 125 CV y 153 Nm. It is associated with a six-speed manual gearbox and, despite not being a hybrid, its consumption is quite restrained, looking at 5.0 l / 100 km in mixed cycle. It stays out of having to pay the registration tax, since it homologates 118 g/km of CO₂.

As standard, it is equipped with 15-inch wheels, air conditioning, electric folding mirrors, eight-inch multimedia display with Toyota Touch 2 system or rear camera.

They add a wide range of Safety Sense assist technologiessuch as automatic emergency braking, active lane departure and lane keeping systems, adaptive cruise control, speed limiter, hill start assist and traffic sign recognition.

CUPRA Born: an electric 204 CV, for 300 euros per month in renting

CUPRA Born 2022

Which is the first electric of SEAT’s sports firm, the CUPRA Bornarrived in our market at the end of last year and you already have your full range.

And now this ZERO label of sports aspirations, stars one of the most interesting offers of the program My Renting de CUPRAintended for individuals: with a 48-month contract (four years), 10,000 km per year and a monthly fee of 300 euros.

It represents a total of 23,753 euros throughout the contract, including the required entry, which is 9,653 euros. The price includes 4,500 euros of incentives from the MOVES III plan, as detailed by CUPRA in the fine print.

In addition, the CUPRA leasing format includes insurance and travel assistancein addition to all maintenance, repairs and wear.

CUPRA Born 2022

This offer, valid until the end of the month, applies to the access version currently available in Spain, which is the CUPRA Born with a 204 CV and the battery 58 kWh capacity. With her promises until 416 km range between charges.

This Born signs a maximum of 160 km (electronically limited as a good electric) and signs the 0-100 in 7.3 seconds. Its consumption is 15.6 kWh/100 km.

Among the standard equipment of the CUPRA Born we find Full LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, electric and heated side mirrors, keyless entry and ignition, aluminum sports pedalboard, bucket seats, heated CUPRA sports steering wheel with haptic response and mode 2 and mode 3 charging cables.

At the technology level we find the 5.3-inch Digital Cockpit instrumentationwhich is combined with a 12-inch multimedia screen with the latest CUPRA Connect system, wireless charging for mobile phones, lane keeping system and fatigue detector.

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