YouTube Music Recap, New Season Recap Custom Playlists

YouTube Music has unveiled its new Season Summaries, compiling the top artists, albums, and songs streamed during the last season of the year.

Following a similar dynamic to that of Spotify Wrapped, which offers an annual summary, the YouTube music platform began the rollout of this feature with Spring Recap, its spring summary.

YouTube now offers personalized summaries more often

We owe the popularity of the dynamic behind streaming music summaries to Spotify. Through Spotify Wrapped, in recent years it has become a custom on social networks to arrive in December to share some statistics on music consumption habits that the same platform provides.

Following that example, YouTube He launched a Spotify Wrapped-style annual digest late last year, but now Google is taking the concept further, with the implementation of seasonal digests on its music platform.

“Similar to the 2021 recap, you’ll find your custom content on the Spring Recap home page in the YouTube Music app alongside your custom Spring Recap playlist”YouTube product manager Ayshaw Khan commented in a publication from the platform’s blog. “Do you want to tell your friends about your favorite spring songs? Easily share your Spring Recap playlist and stats by simply tapping the arrow at the bottom of your stats card.the executive also commented, referring to the spring that is underway in the northern hemisphere.

From YouTube they affirm that this dynamic was instituted permanently, so we can expect the preparation of a new summary for the end of each season of the year. Similarly, Recap 2022 is insured, since the annual summary will continue to be generated at the end of each year.

In the recent announcement of YouTube Music, it is clarified that this implementation responds to requests from its users and that more news of this style will be announced soon. “You can also expect to see more stats and new features showcasing your unique tastes later this year”Khan noted in his announcement.

There comes a certain time of the year when Spotify Wrapped takes over social networks, as it is content that invites interaction. YouTube Music aspires to the same with the generation, much more fluid, of its seasonal Recap lists.

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